Samples of Evaluations

These reports provide samples of work from Insight for Learning Practices and Klein Consulting.  For information on our current long-term impact study, Roads Taken, click here.




Advocate Grant Program Evaluation Report
The Society for Science and the Public’s Advocate Grant Program provides selected Advocates with funding, resources, and information to support three or more underserved middle or high school students in the process of advancing from conducting a scientific research or engineering design project to entering a scientific competition. This summative evaluation focuses on the 2016-2017 cohort. The technical report (also included here) provides information on methodology and additional data details.
AGP Summative Evaluation-Expanded Report
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ArtWorks Impact Study
ArtWorks provides youth in St. Louis with paid apprenticeships to create commissioned works. This impact study examined the program's outcomes on youth's well-being. (2014-2015)
ArtWorks Summative Evaluation Dec2015.pd
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Community STEM Outreach
The Youth Exploring Science (YES) program at the St. Louis Science Center serves youth ages 14-19 with STEM-focused workplace skills and youth development. This evaluation study was funded by the US Office of Naval Research. (2010-2013)
ONR summative eval report-final revised-
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Teenage Designers of Learning Places for Children
With funding from the National Science Foundation, youth at the St. Louis Science Center, Science Museum of Minnesota, and five partnering museums created learning places for younger children. The program ran from 2005-2009. Download the executive summary of the summative evaluation here or request the full report (17MB) by email.
LP Summative Report-ExecSum.pdf
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