Insight for Learning Practices and Tisdal Consulting offer evaluation workshops designed specifically for the informal learning community (museums, science centers, zoos, botanical gardens, libraries, out-of-school programs, and more). Whether you are an experienced evaluation user or a newcomer to evaluation, these workshops are designed to help you navigate evaluation to make good decisions and communicate findings. Workshops for professional groups will clarify what evaluation roles can be played by organizational staff and what roles require professional evaluators. These workshops are not designed to make you a professional evaluator, but rather to help you manage, coordinate, and use evaluation to improve audience experience.  

Introductory Workshops for Informal Learning Professionals

Navigating Evaluation: The Basics

Explore the basics using a sample project from your own work. Workshop leaders guide you step-by-step through planning of an evaluation to help you understand important concepts and make good decisions. This workshop provides the foundation for all Focused Workshops for Professional Groups by covering evaluation terminology, providing an overview of general evaluation methods, and supporting the evaluation planning process.


Navigating Evaluation: Basics for Administrators

A one-session workshop designed specifically for institutional leaders. Workshop facilitators guide you through the basics of evaluation to put you in a position to discuss evaluation with staff and funders, champion evaluation with staff, make sure your own questions get answered, and reduce silos within your institution through the sharing of evaluation studies.


Navigating Evaluation: Basics for Grant Writers

Explore the basics in a workshop designed specifically for grant writers. Workshop leaders guide you through the basics of evaluation needed to support the grant-writing process. Topics include evaluation planning, theories of change and logic models, working with external evaluators, and what most funders look for in an evaluation for a grant proposal.


Focused Workshops for Professional Groups

These workshops are for people who have completed an introductory workshop or have good working knowledge of evaluation terminology and social science methods. Workshops focus on the evaluation strategies for specific areas within informal learning institutions.

  • Navigating Program Evaluation
  • Navigating Exhibit Evaluation
  • Navigating Visitor Services Evaluation
  • Navigating Evaluation in Small Museums