What do you charge for your services?

Each project and situation is unique. Depending on your project, we can quote you one price for the entire project or can charge you a flat hourly rate. Call or email to discuss options.

Can you provide references?

Yes.  References are available upon request. Once we know what services you need, we can provide references from clients of similar services.

Grant Writing

Do you work on contingency or for a percentage of the grant when grant writing?    

Organizations that certify grant writers, like the American Grant Writers Association, consider it highly unethical to work on contingency or for a percentage of the grant. Insight for Learning Practices LLC charges an hourly rate or a flat rate for the project.

Can you guarantee our organization will be funded if you write a grant for us?   

In the grant writing business, there are no guarantees.  Insight for Learning Practices LLC can guarantee to meet deadlines and submit a professional well-written document. Funders may receive numerous proposals for limited funds. They look for solid programs that match their organization’s portfolio needs. We cannot guarantee that your project will be the best match among all the proposals a funder receives.