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About Insight for Learning Practices LLC

 Klein Consulting, which began in 2005, became Insight for Learning Practices LLC in 2016 to better serve clients. Our mission is to support efforts to inspire and motivate learning out of school. We do this by providing a variety of services: evaluation, program development, professional development of staff, research, grant writing/editing, and interpreting program results into practical language and application.


Clients’ organizations included science museums, zoos, after-school and community based programs, school districts, universities, and businesses such as the following.

 Projects have included:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Educational Research
  • Grant proposal review/editing
  • Grant submission support
  • Grant writing
  • Impact study
  • Journal article editing
  • Program development
  • Program evaluation
  • Professional development workshops and individual support
  • Strategic framework development and documentation
  • Teachers' guide development

Sample evaluation reports can be found on the Projects page of this website. For additional information and references, please contact us.

About Christine "Kit" Klein

After formal studies in environmental science and earth education, teaching middle school science, and pursuing doctoral studies in human ecology and educational research, Kit grew to recognize the value of informal learning environments and focused attention on the nexus of school and out of school learning experiences.


Prior to founding Klein Consulting, Kit served as the liaison between the St. Louis Science Center and Compton-Drew Middle School, a museum school and part of the Schools for Thought Collaborative funded by the James S. McDonnell Foundation. While there, Kit provided professional development for teachers, assisted teachers with curriculum development, and examined teacher attitudes, beliefs, and practices regarding the use of science center resources to support student learning.


Building on that collaboration, Kit and her partners established the St. Louis Center for Inquiry in Science Teaching and Learning (CISTL) with funding from the National Science Foundation. At CISTL, Kit served as Principal Investigator and Project Director, working with faculty, staff, teachers, and administrators in partner institutions (higher education, science center, zoo, botanical garden and school districts) to improve science education through professional development and research.


After leaving CISTL in 2005, Kit established Klein Consulting to support organizations in achieving their missions. In 2016, she created Insight for Learning Practices LLC to reach additional organizations.


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