Insight for Learning Practices serves clients engaged in a variety of collaborative projects. Working with many of the client’s partners becomes an important part of the process. To better serve the client’s needs, we sometimes bring in our own partners. This may be a transcription service like Kelsey Transcripts or others who can help with pieces of the project, or it might be collaboration with a colleague with complementary skills. 


Klein/Tisdal Collaboration

Insight for Learning Practices and Tisdal Consulting have developed successful collaborations on several projects. Having multiple perspectives as well as common and complementary skill sets can make for a winning combination, especially on larger projects. 



Carey Tisdal, Director, Tisdal Consulting, and Kit Klein share an interest in youth programs and informal learning environments. Both use quantitative and qualitative methods. Both bring skills in project design, literature review, working with clients, data analysis, and communicating findings. Tisdal brings skills in the evaluation of exhibits and technology-based learning (i.e., websites, film, computer interactives) to the collaboration. Klein has substantial expertise in the evaluation informal learning programs and school-based programming. Tisdal brings expertise in designing and conducting naturalistic interviews, while Klein has credentials and experience in grant writing as well as data visualization and project management.


If you contact either Kit Klein or Carey Tisdal, don't be surprised if you hear them say, "This project would also benefit from the skills and perspective of one of my colleagues."     


Sample Collaborative Projects

Advocate Grant Program – External Evaluation

This Society for Science and the Public’s program aimed to support Advocates who would recruit and then support underserved middle and high school students in entering engineering and science competitions. Klein and Tisdal collaborated on the formative and summative evaluation of the 2016-2017 program.

Summative Evaluation Report


Roads Taken Conference – Development and Facilitation

This online conference funded by the National Science Foundation kicked off a youth program project focusing on long-term institutional and participant impacts. Klein and TIsdal served as co-PIs and co-facilitators with Wendy Hancock (PI), Association for Science-Technology Centers.

Conference Report


Community Outreach Program – External Evaluation

This evaluation of the Youth Exploring Science (YES) Program at the St Louis Science Center, with funding from the U.S. Office of Naval Research, included formative and summative evaluation as well as program documentation.

Summative Evaluation 


Tisdal Consulting

Tisdal Consulting offers evaluation, research, and planning services to the informal learning community. Founded in 2004, clients have included science museums, botanical gardens, zoos, history museums, children’s museums, and documentary film-makers. Areas of expertise include exhibit evaluation, youth programs, social group learning, technology-facilitated learning, and website usability testing. This mission of Tisdal Consulting is to use research and evaluation to engage, enlighten, and empower clients to create and offer amazing informal learning experiences. Carey Tisdal serves as director of Tisdal Consulting bringing over 25 years of experiences as both an internal and external evaluator.